I have just returned from a wedding at Neemrana Fort Palace but it is not this one. Taru and Michael must be thinking by now that I have not posted the pictures from their wedding because I don’t like them or something. Well guys, this is not the case. As usual I guess, I am always busy and end up posting very late. I really do have to try and realize that being a destination wedding photographer means more than just traveling to exotic places and post more often.

Neemrana Fort Palace – A Grand Wedding in Rajasthan

Neemrana fort is located half way between Delhi and Jaipur in Rajasthan and is an amazing location for a destination wedding, but having been there more than once before I was a bit concerned that my pictures might be a kind of a repeat on the same theme. I was thinking this the whole way there and realy tried looking at things in a different way. Maybe it was the extra attention, the north Indian winter fog, or more probably it was simply Taru and Michael’s energy but it seems to have worked out just fine. It was simply a big party and I am sure that Neemrana fort must have shouldered itself a bit out of the fog at least when the music was playing.

Of all the locations I have seen in Rajasthan Neemrana is up there at the top of the list. It has this shock-and-awe effect on people that other palaces in Rajasthan do not have. I love looking at the faces of the guests on their first time to India coming to a place like this. If there is anything I regret about living in India it is the fact that I cannot be a tourist coming here for the first time anymore. You know how it is; when you live in NYC you simply do not care about the statue of liberty. The good thing about being a destination wedding photographer is that I get a constant reminder of what an effect this place has on people.Now try to imagine what Taru and Michael’s family must have felt.


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