fine art prints and wall art A family legacy

We are living in a digital age. My wife watches her favourite TV shows on her iPhone, and my daughters communicate with their teachers on Zoom. I still remember the days of using film, but honestly, most photographers today shoot digitally. It is a digital world, but I still feel that some pictures deserve to be printed and framed.

Some photos deserve to be printed and framed

You are likely to receive at least a few hundred photographs from your wedding, and it is indeed difficult to know how to proceed once you have these digital files. Most couples are happy with the digital files, and the fact that they are easy to store and share. Never the less, if you know and understand the value of keeping printed memories and the value of having a physical object beyond a digital copy, you’d want to consider investing in fine art prints as a family legacy.

Photographs are a testimony to a time that will become the past

I am an old-school photographer who used to print my B&W images in the darkroom. I have felt the magic and excitement of holding a great print, and I can promise you that it is an experience that cannot compare to seeing the same photo on the screen. As a visual artist, I want the images I create to stand the test of time – for you and your family. I am committed to preserving memories that can be seen, touched and felt every day as you relive them on your walls, in your hands and your heart.

The number one reason for investing in professional prints is the unsurpassed quality. All our prints are made on museum-quality fine art paper with the utmost care and attention. They will look completely different than anything you can expect.

“Four years ago our photographer sent me amazing JPEG files; what do I do with them now?!”

Physical prints and albums are heirlooms to pass down for generations. We feel it is our duty to guide our clients to see the value in print, bringing more joy into their lives and future generations’ with memories otherwise forgotten. We are creating an impact that will far outlast us.

If you need our help in the selection of images for print or advice on framing and placement, please feel free to send us a photo of the room where you envision hanging prints. We will create mock-ups of different options for you so you can get a great visual of the work in your home!