Aman and Arpita got married in Thailand but I was unfortunately unavailable to travel with them on those dates to cover their wedding. We had made many plans, and were completely disappointed about the clash of days, but decided not to give up completely on the opportunity to do something together.

I flew into Bangalore one morning and we all headed out to Soma Vineyards at Nandi Hills, about one and a half hours out of the city. It was an overcast day and we were not sure whether we will get wet or get lucky, but we stayed optimistic.

Vineyards as a new destination for Indian weddings

Vineyard are a a very popular wedding destination in Europe and elsewehere around the world, but India joined the wine world rather late and is perhaps now ready for a new kind of wedding destination. Vineyards are suddenly in demand from people who want to lend a special touch to their special day, from proposing to an engagement photo shoot and some of them are also keen on tying the knot in the presence of the setting sun or the rising moon.

Needless to say we were not rained on that afternoon. Here is to you Arpita and Aman. We will always have that wonderful afternoon to remember.

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Sephi Bergerson