Jasmeen and Ritin got married on my birthday! I was already back in India to drop my daughter to school at the end of July when my wife and two little girls were still not back so I was going to have my birthday alone if it wasn’t for this lovey couple. The actually took the time to get me a cake, and came down to my room to sing me before everything started. What a great way to start a wedding!

What I like about Sikh weddings is that they take place in the daytime and is usually quite a relaxed event. At least the ones that I have attended. Jasmeen’s and Ritin’s was not different and was like attending a friend’s wedding. I’m sure the birthday cake helped ‘break the ice’, but there was really no ice anyway in the heat of Delhi in July.

A Sikh Wedding in Delhi

It was a small affair.  Nothing too grand and opulent. Just two friends who decided to get married and have a small get together and a party with their closest family and friends. Just the way I like it.

The Gurudwara wedding was followed by a lunch and we then rushed to the Roseate resort where the couple were to spend the night together. They were actually saying they were stressed with time as they were still scheduled to meet with some family who wanted to see them. Lucky I was there to talk them out of it and convince them to just take one night off and enjoy the rest of the day without obligations. “Just tell everyone that everything can wait as you only just got married” I said, and it worked ­čÖé Ritin later said this was the best advice of the day. I’m glad to have been useful ­čÖé

Thanks for letting me spend my birthday with you guys, and thanks for the cake ­čÖé

Sephi Bergerson