Yes, I shot this entire indian wedding on the iphone, and it was crazy

For quite some time, my aspiration has been to undertake Indian wedding photography exclusively with an iPhone. This ambition has encountered obstacles, not solely due to the technological constraints of previous iPhone models—a topic worthy of separate discussion, given that some limitations persist—but primarily because of the challenge in finding a couple willing to entrust their special day to this unconventional approach. Hence, I extend profound gratitude to Ayushi and Abhishek for their trust and support in allowing me to realize this dream in Indian wedding photography. It’s certainly not something I take lightly!


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wedding Photography Will Never Be The Same after this

This Indian wedding photography experience was truly out of this world, possibly the grandest I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing. Spanning three unforgettable days in Udaipur at the end of November 2015, the event was nothing short of spectacular. While I’ve photographed many weddings in Udaipur before, this occasion surpassed them all, with the venue adorned in breathtaking decorations that left everyone and everything looking utterly resplendent.

Little did I know then, but this moment marked a milestone akin to the invention of the digital camera. Hidden in the pocket of your shirt or nestled in the depths of your bag lies nothing short of the most revolutionary imaging system in the history of photography. Concealed within your iPhone is a powerful tool that’s reshaping the way we approach and perceive photography. With the capabilities of a camera, a darkroom, and an online research directory all compacted into one small device, photographers now possess the freedom to shoot, process, and share images on the go, liberating us from the confines of traditional workflows.

Reflecting on these sentiments, it’s amusing to revisit a blog post I penned back in 2011, under the same title. So much has changed since then, yet so little time has passed. While I cherish the convenience and versatility of the iPhone, I remain convinced that it won’t supplant traditional cameras altogether. Instead, it represents a new frontier in Indian marriage photography, offering a fresh perspective and endless creative possibilities.

Indian Wedding photography entirely on the iPhone 6s

Capturing an Indian wedding is not an easy task, and shooting a whole wedding on the iPhone, as much fun as it sounds, was actually quite a challenge. I was not trying to document everything but rather focus on images that would later translate to the artistic vision that I had for the post processing. Daytime pictures where fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky. The new iPhone 6s Plus camera is superb in terms of resolution and colour rendition, but low light photography was difficult, on the dance floor for example, as the ISO limit was not letting me shoot without having motion blur.I had a hand-held LED light to help me get proper exposure. This was not an issue when taking still images of decor at night. These pictures actually came out better than the ones shot on the DSLR. The built-in HDR in the new iPhone is nothing less than incredible.

Post Processing indian wedding photography on the iPhone

When it comes to post-processing on the iPhone, I adhere to a simple workflow. It typically begins with #snapseed, where I fine-tune contrast, color, and highlights. Occasionally, I’ll incorporate a vintage filter before moving on to #mextures to infuse some character with scratches and grit. If needed, I’ll perform any necessary face retouching using #facetune. Before sharing on #instagram, I might apply an additional filter to enhance the overall aesthetic.

We were a large team, without whom this whole exercise would have been very different.

Photo Agency: SILK PHOTOS
Lead Photographer: Sephi Bergerson (Silk)
2nd lead Photographer: Christophe Viseux (Silk)
3rd Photographer: Sunny Pariani (Silk)
Assistant Photographers: Raveesh Pandrekar, Glax Graces, Puneet Desai, Prateek Sharma
Cinematography: Reel-Vision / Mike Cottrill (Silk)

Event Organiser: Hem Kashyap
Entertainment & Artist Coordination: Sumedha Garg Jindal / S.G. Arts & Entertainment (DEL)
Decor: Diya Walia
Makeup Artist: Jyoti Kumar
Hair Styling: Ahmed and Nasir

wedding photography on the iPhone6splus
Photo: Christophe Viseux

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Behind The Indian Veil is the result of Sephi Bergerson’s seven year photographic journey through wedding in India. This lavishly produced hard-cover coffee table book brings the beauty of India’s wedding traditions, its people and its amazing stories into stunning focus.

Sephi Bergerson is an international destination wedding photographer represented worldwide by SILK PHOTOS. He is based in India with extensive experience of covering weddings all over the subcontinent. He is available for wedding photography in Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, as well as weddings in Mombasa and elsewhere in Africa.

Sephi Bergerson