There are really only two kinds of weddings that happen in Goa: a traditional Christian church wedding or destination weddings. The first type of wedding, as beautiful as it can be, would take place in one of the many beautiful churches or chapels and will very rarely take place on the beach. I guess the people that live here are so used to having the sea in their back yard that they are not so excited about it anymore. They must be thinking it would be very foolish to put on their best atire and go get dirty on the beach. You on the other hand, sitting at your apartment in London or New York trying to organize a wedding over email and phone would rather jump in the water in your pajamas than look out the window and see the gray sky. You must be planning the second type of wedding and your reason to come to India is exactly for the fact that you want to have a wedding on the beach. This is exactly what Udit and Shivani had in mind.

A Beach Wedding in Goa

Udit and Shivani’s wedding was held at the Intercontinental Lalit Goa resort and was one of those beach weddings that you hear about from people that keep telling how wonderful it was. When I lived in Delhi I used to wait for time off so to go to Goa and relax and now that I live in here it all takes a new meaning. I spend a lot of time on the beach and let me tell you that there is a good reason why Udit and Shivani decided to come all the way here for a their wedding. Here is a small collection of images from their red wedding on the blue beach.

Goa Wedding Photojournalist

Goa as an attractive location for a destination wedding is not a new thing. All the major hotels have special wedding packages that make it relatively simple to organize one, even if you are based in NY. It seems that it is probably the most organized state in India in terms of the wedding industry with many wedding planners who cater to couples who have never been to India but wish to get married following Indian customs at “an exotic location”.

After nine years in Delhi we have moved to Goa in January and loving it. We took an old portuguese villa in the north and the girls simply love it. Twenty six coconut trees in our garden give us all the supply that we need to keep happy. If we get tired of those, there is also the huge mango tree that gives amazing mangos in May so when the wedding season is over I can have as many mango shakes as I want.

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