SILK AWARDS is a new initiative aimed at developing and promoting wedding photography as a medium of visual storytelling. Different from any other awards for wedding photography worldwide, and taking departure from only reviewing single images, SILK AWARDS will focus on series of images that present the nature of a photographer’s storytelling capability. We feel that wedding photographers should be measured based on their ability to tell a complete story of the wedding, when ideas and emotions are expressed through a sequence of images, as opposed to the ability to produce single, award-winning shots.

We are looking for photographers whose use of the language of photography can capture complex situations, and deliver unforgettable visual narratives of a wedding. We are hoping to discover work that reflects originality, technical ability, uniqueness of style and above all, a creative expression of personal language.

SILK AWARDS 2017 applications are open to professional and amateur photographers shooting in all forms of wedding photography.

SILK AWARDS 2017 will be open internationally in select categories.

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