Dror Eyal

Dror Eyal

Dror is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in taking contemporary non-wedding wedding photographs for some of the coolest couples. It’s a photojournalistic approach that captures real moments as they happen for those that are looking for fun, relaxed, whimsical and edgy photography that reflects their personality.
“Dror Eyal is right up there in my Fav’s of Favs. When I look at his work it’s like I’m looking at pure magic or an artistic masterpiece. Some photographers can’t help themselves, their soul just seeps out into their work and it becomes evident that they can’t just take shots like everyone else but capture Life at it’s essense.” Fleur Hamill (Divine Weddings Magazine) 

“You photos are amazing, you have got such a talent. I see a lot of weddings on a daily basis but I haven’t been blown away like this in a long time.” Chanel (My Wedding Day Magazine) 

See more of wedding photography work on his website.

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