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Apresh Chavda

Amid the joy and excitement of the wedding there are small moments of tears, a reassuring hand-squeeze or fleeting glance. Those are just as much part of the day as the moment of marriage itself. Apresh Chavda’s years of experience as a wedding photographer have taught him how to anticipate those moments, and how to capture them unobtrusively to add a layer of emotional richness to the visual memories of your wedding.

He starts long before the day: getting to know you and understanding what is important to you and your families. He likes to tell your story: what led up to this day, the love you share, the culture and history that make each of you unique. So he will not just be a photographer who turns up on the morning – by the time of the wedding itself, you will know each other quite well.

Apresh has photographed hundreds of weddings and his work has won many awards, which of course is gratifying for a photographer; but it’s the response of his couples that he considers the best reward.

Apresh Chavda is based out of London. You can see more of his work on his website

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