TOTAL PRIZE ₹ 2,00,000

SILK AWARDS is a new initiative aimed at developing and promoting wedding photography as a medium of visual storytelling. Different from any other awards for wedding photography worldwide, and taking departure from only reviewing single images, SILK AWARDS will focus on series of images that present the nature of a photographer’s storytelling capability. We feel that wedding photographers should be measured based on their ability to tell a complete story of the wedding, when ideas and emotions are expressed through a sequence of images, as opposed to the ability to produce single, award-winning shots.

We are looking for photographers whose use of the language of photography can capture complex situations, and deliver unforgettable visual narratives of a wedding. We are hoping to discover work that reflects originality, technical ability, uniqueness of style and above all, a creative expression of personal language.

SILK AWARDS 2018 applications are open to professional and amateur photographers shooting in all forms of wedding photography.


SILK AWARDS is organised by SILK PHOTOS, a boutique photo agency based in India, and the world’s first representation agency for wedding photographers. The agency represents a select group of wedding photographers, both stills and motion, specialising in Indian weddings and destination wedding photography in India, and around the globe.


SILK PHOTOS represents some of the best wedding photographers from across the world. SILK AWARDS reclaims the power of wedding photography back from single images towards the storytelling ability of a documentary photographer. Enter SILK AWARDS for an opportunity to be discovered, recognized and rewarded among the best wedding photographers in the world. Enter a series of eight to twelve (8-12) images of a single wedding that you feel present an unforgettable sequence of images that deliver a great story.


SILK AWARDS will announce 5 winners. The first place winner will receive an award of ₹35,000. Second place winner will receive ₹25,000 + . Third place winner will receive ₹20,000, and fourth & fifth place winners will each receive ₹10,000.

A digital gallery of  SILK AWARDS 2018 winners will be published on SILK PHOTOS website, and promoted in the Indian, as well as international media.

In addition to the monetary reward, SILK PHOTOS provides entrants with immeasurable exposure in the industry. Top 2 photographers, will be invited to join RAW SILK, the mentorship program offered by SILK PHOTOS. The RAW SILK program is an initiative aimed at providing professional development tools to photographers whom the agency members believe are the most promising talents in the industry.

The selected photographers will be supported by SILK members to perfect and sharpen their skills, and develop their own unique individual style of photography. SILK Photo Agency will represent the photographers work for the duration of the program.


How much are the entry fees?
SILK AWARDS offer an equal chance for everyone to participate and win. Participation in the contest is completely free.

I am not part of SILK PHOTOS or have not registered for the festival, SILK INSPIRE 2016. Can I still enter?
Yes. SILK AWARDS is independent of the festival and encourages free participation from all wedding photographers.

How many images can I enter?
Each submission should contain a series or sequence of 8 – 12 images of one wedding.

Can I enter more than one series?
Yes, you can enter up to two separate series, each of a different wedding.

Who owns the copyright of the images?
Copyright remains with the photographer at all times. Submitted images may be used to promote the awards. The photographer’s name will always be credited with an image.

Can I submit photos taken by my photography team member / assistant / 2nd shooter?
No. All submitted images must be shot by the photographer uploading the images. No images taken by any other team member at the same wedding will qualify. It is the legal responsibility of the entrant, and not SILK AWARDS / SILK PHOTOS, to ensure that the publication of the photographs does not raise any legal claims.

When I submit an image to the contest, what rights does SILK AWARDS claim regarding my photographs?
Copyright in the images submitted for the SILK AWARDS remain with the photographer. By entering into the competition, you agree to allow SILK PHOTOS / SILK AWARDS to publish or display the photographs in print or electronic media, to use the pictures for editorial and promotional purposes without payment. The photographer’s name will always be credited with the published images.


The distinguished panelists of SILK INSPIRE 2018 will be judging SILK AWARDS 2018. The entries will be assessed on the basis of originality, technical ability, uniqueness of style and above all, a creative expression of personal language. We are looking for photographers whose use of the language of photography can capture complex situations, and deliver unforgettable visual narratives of a single wedding.

The winning selection will reflect how the jury members envision the use of documentary photography in wedding photography. The decision of the judges will be final. SILK PHOTOS will not entertain any correspondence regarding the judging or the organization of the competition.

Winners will be announced on Day 3 of SILK INSPIRE 2018, October 5th, 2018.

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